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Tien Nan Motion Picture Company

Alias : Tin Nam Film Company
Alias : Tian Nan Film Company
  The Amazon (1948)
  The Powdered World, Two Parts (1948)
  Someday I Will Make It (1948)
  Charlie and the Child (1948)
  The Butterfly Lovers (Part 1) (1948)
  The Butterfly Lovers (Part 2) (1948)
  Hung Hei-Kun's Big Brawl at the Lau Village (1949)
  She Plunged to Her Death (1950)
  The Burning of Red Lotus Monastery (1950)
  The Gold and the Beauty (1952)
  Hunting in the Tiger's Den (1959)
  Love Story of Uncivilised Girls (1959)
  The Iron Hoof of Oppression (1960)
  Gone Forever (1960)
  My Son, My Son (1961)
  The Blood of Post-War Heroes (1964)
  Misty Rain (1965)
  Bloodshed on Wedding Day (1965)
  I Am Yours Forever (1971)
  The Great Boxer (1971)