Hwa Kuo Movie Studio Ltd.

Alias: Hua Kuo Cinema Studio
Alias: Hwa Kuo Movie Studio Co., Ltd.
Production Company
  The Black Fox (1970)
  13 Worms (1970)
  Tragedy on Dikes (1971)
  Midnight Cowgirl (1972)
  Furious Dragon (1973)
  Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue (1976)
  The Invincible Space Streaker (1977)
  Princess and the Toxicant (1977)
  The Third Sword (1978)
  A Sword Shot at the Sun (1979)
  Hero at the Border Region (1981)
  The Legend of All Men Are Brothers (1984)
  Death Ring (1984)
  Supercops (1987)
  Spirit Vs Zombi (1988)