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Tian Shan Film Studio

Production Company
  The Guide (1979)
  Happy Song (1981)
  The Girl Who Wants to Dance (1983)
  A Shop-Girl (1985)
  Death of a Beauty (1986)
  The Magic Needle (1986)
  The Western Crazy Dancers (1988)
  The Merry World (1989)
  Defying Death (1990)
  An Actress in Drag (1990)
  Bloodshed on the Luohuapo (1991)
  Boxers from the Snowy Mountains (1991)
  Sworn Friends (1992)
  Bandits in the Capital (1992)
  Over the Death (1992)
  Chasing the Devil (1992)
  Circle of Friends (1998)
  The Storm Riders (1998)
  Roots and Branches (2001)