Lianhe Film Company

Production Company
  Madame Yang, the Imperial Concubine (1947)
  Fang Shiyu and His Impersonator (1950)
  A Prayer for Happiness (1952)
  Pearly Tears (1952)
  Wong Fei-Hung's Rival for a Pearl (1957)
  Wong Fei-Hung's Victory at Ma Village (1958)
  Angkor Wat Story (1958)
  Wong Fei-Hung's Fierce Battle (1958)
  Wong Fei-Hung's Story: Five Poisonous Devils Against Twin Dragons (1958)
  Wong Fei-Hung Saves the Kidnapped Leung Foon (1958)
  Wong Fei-Hung Trapped in Hell (1959)
  Two Orphans Conquered the Dragon at Tianshan (1960)
  The Strange Hero Conquered the Dragon (1960)
  The Outcast Woman (Part 2) (1960)
  Adventure on a Deadly Island (1960)
  The Outcast Woman (Part 1) (1960)
  Tao Lung Fighting Against Fin Kum Kong (1960)
  Talented Children Getting Robbers (1960)
  Romantic Night of Hong Kong (1961)
  Rivalry between the Star and the Moon (1961)
  The Invisible Heroine (1962)
  Heart to Heart (1962)
  Hero of the Twin Swords and the Magic Whip (1962)
  Lady with the Lute (1963)
  Killing the Sister-in-law (1963)
  How the Oil Vendor Won the Beauty Queen (1964)
  Peach Blossom River (1967)
  The Three Lucky Men (1969)
  One Year's Fantasy (1974)
  The Breaching of Black Wind Stockade (1952)