Da Zhonghua / Great China Film Company

Alias :
Production Company
  Reunion (1943)
  Desire (1946)
  Two Persons in Trouble, Unsympathetic to Each Other (1946)
  Madame X (1947)
  A Dream of Spring (1947)
  Rumours in the Air (1947)
  The Beauty's Death (1947)
  The Net of Divine Retribution (1947)
  Female Spy 76 (1947)
  Where Is My Darling? (1947)
  Romance of the West Chamber (1947)
  The New White Golden Dragon (1947)
  Chen Shimei, the Heartless Husband (1948)
  The Lady Thief (1948)
  Portrait of Four Beauties (1948)
  Orioles Banished from the Flowers (1948)
  The Thousand Mile Escort of Jingnian (1948)
  Life of a Wicked Hero (1948)
  The Thief in Black (1948)
  The Corn in Ripe for Plucking (1948)
  Encounter at Hongbi (1949)
  The Unmarried Mother (1949)
  Young Heroes (1949)
  The Hunchbacked Dragon (1949)
Filming Company
  Flowers After the Storm (1947)
  Heaven and Hell (1947)
  The Pangs of Love (1947)
  Returned Soul (1947)
  I'm Crazy About You (1947)
  Unforgettable Love (1947)
  New Arabian Nights (1947)
  The Three Swordsmen (1948)
  The Four Kings of Heaven (1948)
  As Time Goes By (1948)
  The Black Hero and Lee Ching-Mei (1948)
  Full Happiness (1949)
  Fang Shiyu's Nine Battles at Emei Hill (1949)
  Perfect Together (1949)
  Gone Are the Swallows When the Willow Flowers Wilt (1946)
  Yonder, My Love (1947)
  Madame X (1947)
  Peach Blossoms Still Titter in the Spring Breeze (1947)
  The Beauty's Death (1947)
  You're Smart in One Way, I in Another (1947)
  An All-Consuming Love (1947)
  Three Women (1947)
  Song of a Songstress (1948)
  Portrait of Four Beauties (1948)
  Harmony Reigns (1948)
  The Corn in Ripe for Plucking (1948)
  The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948)
  Lion-Hearted Warriors (1948)
  Revenge of the Great Swordsman (1949)
  Waste Not Our Youth (1949)