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San Bo Ying Pin Faat Hang Yau Haan Gung Shut

  Tricky Brains (1991)
  Legend of the Brothers (1991)
  Mainland Dundee (1991)
  Slickers Vs Killers (1991)
  Fight Back to School (1991)
  God of Gamblers Part III: Back to Shanghai (1991)
  The Tigers (1991)
  Devil's Vendetta (1991)
  The Holy Virgin Versus the Evil Dead (1991)
  Pretty Woman (1991)
  My Flying Wife (1991)
  Saviour of the Soul (1991)
  Witchcraft Vs Curse (1991)
  Gigolo and Whore (1991)
  Queen's High (1991)
  Take Me (1991)
  Casino Raiders II (1991)
  Alan & Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye (1991)
  Gambling Ghost (1991)
  Son on the Run (1991)
  The Ultimate Vampire (1991)
  Easy Money (1991)
  The Golden Lotus ''Love and Desire'' (1991)
  The Last Blood (1991)
  Off Track (1991)