Zhongtai Film Trading Company

Production Company
  A Colorful World (1941)
  For Love or Money (1939)
  Marriage Made in Heaven (1939)
  Charlie Meets the Spectres (1939)
  The Blood-Stained Plum Blossom Fan (1940)
  Little Guangdong (1940)
  The Love of a Woman (1940)
  The Wanton Empress (1940)
  The Knight of Deserted Island (1941)
  Lover of the World (1941)
  Spring Engulfs the Mansion (1941)
  Fiery Village (1941)
  Snow White and Her Seven Friends (1941)
  Song Girl Red Peony (1941)
  The Metropolis (1941)
  The Sparrow Flies East and South (1941)