Sanxing Trading Company

Production Company
  The Adventures of Fong Sai-Yuk (1938)
  Second-Take Marriage (1938)
  Breaking Through the Bronze Net (1939)
  Rescue My Mother (1939)
  Farewell to My Lady (1939)
  The Adventures of Fang Shiyu (Part 2) (1939)
  Triple Flirtation of the White Chrysanthemum (1939)
  The Bandit Queen Elopes (1939)
  Lady in Red (1939)
  The Marrying General (1940)
  The Five Swordsman's Nocturnal Tryst (1940)
  Expedition to the East (1940)
  The Five Generals (1940)
  The Legend of Wang Zhaojun (1940)
  The Upright Bandits (1941)
  My Wife as a Witness (1941)
  The Flame of Glacier Mountain (1941)
  Escape to the Tiger Wolf Pass (1940)